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LA MANSARDINA (Superior) -
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     Sleeps: 2 persons      Minimum rental period: 3 nights      Number of bedrooms: 1     
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Description This nice studio apartment, La Mansardina, is equipped with doublebedroom,cooking area and a bathroom with shower.

Information about the building:Tuscany Villa 10 was built at the end of XVII° century by the ancestor of the currents proprietors. The small borough already existed in 1500 with the name of "Clatinianum" as a property of Sergardi family. The Villa is divided into large apartments, the most suggestive ones can be reached walking through the large entrance hall. Guests will appreciate lemon trees, vases of geraniums all around the Villa and the Arcadian atmosphere wich has been for centuries a frame to the tradition of a family of notaries and lovers of letters and arts. We are certain that the peace and serenity of this ensemble will remain with them forever.

Tuscany Villa 10 is situated about 8 km. from Siena - the city of art which is so important to the culture and history of Tuscany. The seven apartments, found on the 1st floor of the Villa, as a general rule, are decorated ornately with paintings and frescoes...

The building, settled in the luscious green tuscan countryside, is framed by the “italian garden” and the so called “bosco inglese”. Then between the olive groves you will find the “viale dei cipressi” which leads the way to the swimming pool, from where you can enjoy a beautiful view of Siena and its surroundings in the distance...

Many of the guests that we have known for sometime say that, during their stay, they greatly appreciated the direct and familiar atmosphere that was established from the moment they arrived, for the charming location, for the beauty and history of Siena, for the good wine and the tranquillity which gave them so much pleasure during their stay.

NotesThis apartment is a part of the main villa "Tuscany Villa 10" and can be rented together with other apartments of the villa. Click on the following link to see the main villa Tuscany Villa 10
ContactAddress: Loc. Catignano, Siena